A bit about me…….

As a child I wanted to be a writer; a published author of children’s stories.

Birthday wish: I’d like a pony.

In my teens I wanted to be the singer in a rock band; a very long and passionate phase I went through.

Birthday wish: I’d like to be a successful actress pretty please.

And then I started university. The place people usually go to discover what they’re good at and what they want to do with their life. For me it was the opposite. After a year of music technology and media I realised my love of music wasn’t as strong any more and I wasn’t enjoying my studies. Things aren’t as fun when you HAVE to do them. So the following year I went back as a full time media student. Didn’t last though. I realised that 90% of the course was of no interest to me so I dropped out and got a job at Blockbuster. Best decision of my life! It was in this job I discovered a real passion for film. Almost to the point of obsession. I watched films every day. There wasn’t a film or genre (with the exception of Bollywood. I just cant get in to it) that didn’t interest me; world cinema, animation, horror, action and countless more. I’d watch anything; sometimes a regrettable decision as these are hours of my life I’ll never see again and some of those films were just plain awful. At this point I’d reached my twenties and realised I should probably do more with my life than work at a video store. So I went back to university to study film and got a job at the local Odeon Cinema. Most people think once you finish your studies you walk straight in to a career. Surprisingly not so! A year after graduating and I’m still shovelling popcorn and ripping tickets. Technically I do work in the film industry though. And if anyone asks what I do that’s exactly what I’ll tell them.

I have big ideas though. I want to write and act in film; not sell tickets for them. I want my own column in Total film magazine, and/or have my own film review website. And if I had money coming out my ears I’d love to own my own independent cinema; decked out like the old movie theatres with red drapes and gold trimmings while ushers waiting in screens with popcorn carts and ice-cream trays. And as I’ve never seen one here in sunny England I’d like to run a Drive-in movie theatre. I went to one in Margaret River, Australia. It rained for the whole film but I loved it. And I imagine it would be even better in summer, enjoying the film from the roof of your car. 

Who knows though. Iv’e changed my mind several times before, and what I want now might not be the same in ten years. Maybe then I’ll want to be a fashion stylist of astronaut.

Here’s to my future.


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