This would be me.

So…….this is me, and my first blog!!

I must have written a dozen sentences already and deleted them all, which is a big problem of mine. But that’s the point of me starting this blog. My biggest problem is I over analyse what I write and as an aspiring script writer it often, if not always gets in the way of my getting past the first few lines.

I figure this outlet with help me develop my writing skills and make me more confident in my ideas………I hope!

Since I was little I loved watching movies. Going to the cinema on weekends with my dad or at home where he introduced me to films like The Nutty professor, So I married an axe murderer and Nuns on the run. And when I think back I reckon I began my love of horror films when I’d pretend to be sleeping on the couch while he watched Hell-raiser, Halloween or the latest 90’s slasher.  My mum however…..she is responsible for introducing me to only two films. Clash of the Titans and Jason and the Argonauts. If they were on, we’d watch them. And they were on a lot. Its a mixed bag but I love all genres, styles and foreign language films. Ones that require your full attention, a lot of though or non at all. I’ll watch them all.

So I think this blog is going to be about what i’m passionate about, and that’s film. And maybe I’ll include a little music and me in there too.


About charlotteweston

I'm a traveller, not a tourist

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