Although I had high hopes for this remake, I left the theatre feeling disappointed. Its characters where undeveloped with a weak storyline, and although it was mildly entertaining it lagged at several points.

There were some good performances from Anton Yelchin and David Tennant as  Peter Vincent, the obnoxious “veteran vampire killer and movie star” providing the main injection of comedy.  Although I have yet to see the original I cant help feeling like I’ve seen this film before. ‘Disturbia’ and Fright Night 3D are almost identical in story and characters. The dorky high school guy living in the suburbs with his single mother. Juggling his time between his way-to-hot-for-him girlfriend and his geeky friend while still managing to save the day by taking down the predator that lives next door. Remove the fangs and 3D and you’ve got the same film.

Despite my tearing the film apart I did enjoy it. The first half provided most of the comedy and story with great chemistry between Anton Yelchin and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. And the second half was all action and 3D blood spatter.

If your looking for a throw away film that’s entertaining, going to make you laugh and give the occasional scare then I’d recommend watching Fright Night 3D.

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