This is one of the best films I’ve seen this year, and has easily made its way into my top 5 favourite films of all time. Though it has its faults I still say it’s an incredible film. Every element of it; soundtrack, visual style, cast, and script, piece together flawlessly; enhancing one another to create an absorbing film. It’s a modern classic.

It’s not what I expected at all though. I went in the theatre thinking it would be some star vehicle for Ryan Gosling with a generic action filled romantic narrative. But this couldn’t be further from it. Though it’s not the most original script, it’s unique, and unparalleled by anything in its genre. It’s in the execution and delivery which makes this film so unique and sets it apart from the rest. Its visual style, cinematography and memorable soundtrack contribute to giving Drive its 80’s vibe, and although it’s set in the present day, this gives the film its edge. It creates a ‘cool’, very stylish image that can only be attributed to that vibe and would otherwise be lost.

The film has a great cast with undeniable chemistry and there are some beautifully delivered performances in there. Ryan Gosling has an unquestionable charm and on-screen presence. He is an incredible actor, undeniable here as he gives a convincing performance in a difficult role. Playing a character that is elusive, reserved, mechanical, and ultra violent, while slowly becoming more gentle, compassionate, and protective when he finds himself falling in love. It’s a captivating performance which along with impressive performances from Carey Mulligan and Bryan Cranston is an absorbing watch that doesn’t, for one second, falter in holding my attention.

I just cant say enough good things about it. My only issue however, though easily overlooked, is the lack of back story for the main character (Gosling). Its a little underdeveloped making it hard to believe this extreme contrast in his behaviour and actions without a strong motive. Despite this, I loved every second of it, and after leaving the film went out and bought the soundtrack. I haven’t listened to a soundtrack this much since I bought The Social Network.

It’s a great film and I’ll recommend it to anyone.

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