Could there have been anymore stereotypes in this film? Well there probably could have, but still this was one black guy with a spear too far. Like any ‘teen Slasher’/horror film with vengeful reptiles or villainous marine life, and surprisingly there are a few, you expect a little tongue-in-cheek. These films purposely make fun of themselves. There meant to be ridiculous and over the top. But Shark night 3D takes itself way to seriously. It tries too hard not to be trashy like other films in its genre. Films such as Piranha 3D, that work because they’re full of BOOBS, 3D vomit and floating penis, and there was none of that in Shark night. There wasn’t even any heavy petting! And a few gratuitous camera angles of a women’s backside do not count David R. Ellis! It should have hammed up its trashy appeal rather than steering away from it. But instead it cut out all the ingredients that make these films fun to watch. I should have demanded a refund, though the ticket was free.

The storyline was awful and an expected cliché. Sara, A young, attractive girl returns home (conveniently located on an isolated island) after running away to college to escape her guilt, following a tragic accident she’s kept hidden from her new friends. But shortly after arriving home on a weekend away with her friends, Sara’s dark past comes back to slap her in the face, and obviously her friends pay the price for it. They are toyed with, terrorized, and fed to sharks of all shapes and sizes. All for some redneck, racist locals, who take pleasure in, and like their entertainment with a little ‘bite’.

Usually after a brief synopsis this would be the point were I talk about the bits I liked, what I enjoyed and what made it interesting. Nice and easy, there was nothing of the above. However, it did manage to make me laugh quite a bit; at it though, not with it. I’d list some examples but I wouldn’t want to spoil any major plot points for anyone.

The acting was standard, as is expected in these types of films. The characters are expendable and interchangeable. But then these films aren’t about them but more about the situation they’re in. There’s no real emotional demand on these actors. I don’t think there will be any Oscar nods anyway.

Despite its many flaws, I didn’t hate the film. It was mildly entertaining at least, and if you like teen horrors you won’t be disappointed with it. You just won’t be amazed by it either.


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