This is a star vehicle for Justin Timberlake with the potential to propel him comfortably among the Hollywood A-listers; along with a very small number of musicians who have already made the rocky transition to becoming a credible actor. He’s got a lot of potential but has little opportunity to showcase that here in a film that demands so little from its cast. Though earlier roles have been varied, from Edison, Alpha dog, Southland Tales, and Social Network, they have given him only a small window to showcase what he is capable of, but in a more challenging role I’m confident he could surprise viewers, gaining their respect and that of his peers.  Timberlake has come pretty far since his Mickey Mouse club days; a platform that has seen the rise of many stars like Ryan Gosling, Christina Aguilera and Britney spears (Though some more promising careers than others.)

Now that I’ve raved on about Timberlake, and without even mentioning how good he looks shirtless, I should probably talk a little about the film.

Set in an alternate future where time equals currency people have the right to live to the age of twenty-five; after that they have to earn it. But, like any world there is a social hierarchy. People are segregated into zones; those who live from hour to hour, to those who can live forever. Will (Justin Timberlake), living almost minute to minute decides to take matters into his own hands and heads to New Greenwich; home of the immortals where he intends to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Just a regular Robin Hood isn’t he!

I love the concept for this film. It’s original and well executed but with a cast of recycled characters we’ve seen so many times before. That’s not to say they’re not interesting or enjoyable to watch but there’s nothing particularly unique about them, and although the story is fresh it was pretty predictable. But then there’s the expression “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it”. Though the concept for this film is impressively different, from any expectations I had of it or in comparison to any other film I’ve seen, there wasn’t much else too it. It’s just another throw away film that will no doubt send Timberlake on his way to the big leagues. But other than that I’ll probably forget it in a week. And there were too many questions I had that were left unanswered. If you have no time of your own to spend until your twenty-five then how do you live when time is your only form of currency? Why is Cillian Murphy playing a character who should look twenty-five when he looks more like that of his real age (thirty-five)? He sticks out like a sore thumb. And I know I’m being picky here but there were far too many costume changes for two people on the run. They have so little time, mere minutes, but they feel it necessary to throw on a suit and new dress for their daily run. Even more impractical was that Sylvia Weis (Amanda Seyfried) and Rachel Salas (Olivia Wilde) do most of their running in six-inch stiletto heels. Madness!

I know I haven’t raved about it but I didn’t hate it either. It’s entertaining, full of action and passionate romance. It’s a modern Bonnie and Clyde film, and if you like Justin Timberlake or Amanda Seyfried then this is a film you will no doubt enjoy.

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