Genre: Horror/Sci-fi

American Horror Story is a fresh, very dark, and exciting new TV series that breathes life back in to the Horror genre.

I was sceptical at first because Horror is rarely touched in TV with the exception of the annual Halloween episodes; and even then it’s rarely taken seriously. I couldn’t imagine a series of twelve forty minute episodes maintaining the nail biting, gripping suspense, tension, thrill and scariness of the genre when even films struggle to achieve it. But from the first episode I was hooked. Like a book I couldn’t put down I told myself I’d watch the first episode then go about my ‘busy’ day, but instead I ended up watching the first six back to back. And I’m eagerly awaiting the next one.

 I think of all the TV series I watch, and that’s a lot, this has some of my favourite characters in it. There all so intriguing; so entertaining, dark, layered, and lovable, and each with a juicy back story and sub-plot.  I’m like a child in a sweet shop, drawn in by everything. And the storyline is equally as dark and exciting.

At the heart of it is the breakdown of an American family. After a painful miscarriage and finding her husband in bed with a younger woman, the Harmon’s up-sticks and relocate to L.A with their daughter Violet in an attempt to save their marriage. But not long after moving into their new home they find the house has more baggage than they do. It’s a revolving door for the weird, unexplainable, very sinister, and unnerving characters that have such a strong connection to it. Every episode revealing that little bit more about its dark history and the scandalous lives of its past residents; all wrapped neatly in the trappings of horror.

If I were to sum it up in a few words it would be “Eerie Indiana for the over eighteens”. It’s the adult version of a show I loved so much as a child, and if you haven’t seen Eerie Indiana then you should watch that too.

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