2011 has been an alright year for film. There has been a lot of rubbish pumped out but also some absolute gems; Animal Kingdom, Drive, The King’s speech, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, Brighton Rock, and of course the final instalment of Harry Potter. It’s been a great year for British film.  But the years not out yet. There are still a handful of exciting new films that will be hitting theatres before the years out.

This is a completely subjective list. These are the films I’m excited about and want to see but maybe there’s one or two in there you might want to watch yourself.

Snowtown (November 18th 2011) I’m a big fan of Australian cinema. Chopper, Animal Kingdom, Candy,Wolf Creek, Black water; these are just a few of the films to come out of Australia that have really impressed me. When I think of Australian film, I think thought provoking, affective gritty realism, and Happy feet. And Snowtown looks to follow this impressive trend. When sixteen year old Jamie, considered hopeless, poor, and growing up in a violent environment is taken in by John Bunting, giving him and his mother the stability and guidance he has always longed for, he soon realises this is not the life he expected and this father-figure is in fact dangerous and Australia’s most notorious serial killer.

Breaking Dawn Part 1 (November 18th 2011). I can’t help myself. I am powerless against The Twilight Saga. What woman isn’t? Who could resist the Cullen’s charm or Taylor Lautner’s biceps? It plays to every woman’s weakness. Overly romanticised brooding vampires; alluring and sexy, fighting against the seriously buff werewolves for the love of one stupid cow (Kirsten Stewart) who bites her lip and plays with her hair too often. Excuse me while I break out in to a jealous rage. It’s excessively cheesy and at times makes me want to vomit but I love it. I still haven’t decided whether I’m team Edward or team Jacob though. Ah, One of life’s tough decisions.

My week with Marilyn (25th November 2011) The great Norma Jean; Marilyn Monroe, an inspiration to women across the globe (despite the suspicious “overdose”) and such a role model. It’s got a great cast but I’m a little sceptical of the decision to cast Michelle Williams as Ms Monroe. I love Williams, she’s a talented actress but there are few women who can fill the shoes of such a buxom, vivacious and sickeningly sweet, blonde. Although I can’t stand her, Scarlet Johansson seems like a more obvious choice to play the role. But I shall hold further judgement till I see it.

Hugo (2nd December 2011). I’m so excited for this. The film centres round Hugo, a boy who lives in the walls of a Paris train station in the 1930’s, and whose world is opened up through events involving his late father and a robot. It’s directed by Martin Scorsese; a refreshing change to see him at the helm of a children’s adventure story instead of the usual gangster films and psychological thrillers. Also Johnny Depp co-produces.

New Years Eve (8th December 2011). No year would be complete without the done-to-death, cliché ridden, feel good festive films; with as many A-list actors as can possibly be crammed in. We have to have one for Valentines Day, Christmas, and New Year. The world would end if we didn’t. I don’t need to tell you what it’s about, only that it will make you feel great and finish on a happy ending.

The Artist (30th December 2011). A modern day silent movie transporting us back to the beginning of cinema. Not a film for everyone but no doubt will interest the greatest cinephiles and film lovers. John Goodman stars, so already it’s promising. It’s something new, or rather very old but rarely revisited. It will be a refreshing experience.


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  1. Craig Kell says:

    Very good again Charlotte, I can’t wait for the next group of films to emerge and I have 15 that I need to watch from now until the Oscars, bearing in mind that this period as well as the blockbuster season are the best times to be reviewing films haha

    Anyway out of your list My Week With Marilyn, Hugo and The Artist are the ones that interest me most, Marilyn is meant to be good but it’s mostly about Michelle Williams’s performance that intrigues me (she’s one of the early faves for Best Actress), Hugo (cause it’s Scorsese, plus it looks colourful to watch) and Artist IS the early Best Picture favourite which I intend to watch, John Goodman is cool and that but it’s the two main French actors (Jean Dujardin and Berenice Bejo) who own the film (according to other reviews).

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the film year! 😀 xx

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