I’ve put together a list of some of the best Christmas films of all time. No doubt I’ve missed a few but these are the most memorable.

Home Alone


My personal favourite Christmas films of all time. There’s not a single Christmas goes by that I don’t watch it. But I’ll find any excuse to watch it.

 Jingle all the way

I love when action stars do family films. Kindergarten cop, Twins, Last action hero, and Jingle all the way are just as enjoyable to watch now as they were when I was a child. Action stars always take a turn in the family genre; Vin Diesel in The pacifier (a personal favourite), Sylvester Stallone in Stop or my mum will shoot, and Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson in The game and Tooth fairy. These are all great films for the family, and a refreshing change to see these macho men do something a little more light-hearted. 

 Die Hard

Not the most Christmassy of Christmas films but still on everyone’s Christmas film list. That’s just the power of Bruce Willis. You want to watch his films all year round.


Gremlins is a classic Christmas film. For years I wanted my own Mogwai but every year I’ve been disappointed with bath salts and pyjamas. I guess my giant Gizmo pillow will have to do for now.

Santa Clause

Tim Allen in the best thing since Home Improvement. Everybody wishes they knew Santa Clause; just imagine if it was your dad.


One of the funniest Christmas films to date. But what else do you expect from Will Ferrell. He’s so entertaining and makes an adorable oversized elf.

 The family stone

Not the happiest Christmas film but its one of my favourites. Its sad but also heart warmingly funny, and a great film for the girls.

 Meet me in St. Louis

When I think of Christmas I think Judy Garland singing White Christmas in Meet me in St. Louis.

 Muppets Christmas carol

Another film that’s as enjoyable now as when I was a child. In fact I love it more now because I’m no longer terrified every time the Marley brothers appear.

 Polar Express

Not one of my favourites but a great Christmas film all the same. It’s visually stunning and probably the only train journey I’d get excited about.

It’s a wonderful life

I haven’t seen it myself. Ah! Shocking I know. But I’m making it my Christmas mission to watch it this year.

 Miracle on 34th street (1994)

I haven’t seen the original but I’ve seen this a thousand times over. It’s the perfect film to watch when you’re questioning if Santa is real or not. And by the end of it you’ll be writing out your Christmas letters to the North Pole. Richard Attenborough is the most convincing Kris Kringle I’ve ever seen (That’s if he isn’t in fact the real one).

 The family man

You can’t have a Christmas film list without a Nicholas Cage film on it. In fact you can’t have any film list without Nicholas Cage on it. I’m a little biased maybe, but The family man is sweet and entertaining. When Jack (Nic Cage) wakes up to the life he could have had with a wife and child, instead of his high-flying wealthy bachelor lifestyle he is reluctant to accept it but eventually warms to his new life and fights to keep it. This was a time when Nicholas Cage made great films.

 Nightmare before Christmas

A Tim Burton Classic that’s both beautiful and eerie. If you haven’t seen it then make an effort to watch it this year. You won’t be disappointed. It’s the best anti-Christmas Christmas film ever made.

 Jack Frost

And the award for saddest Christmas film goes to…….Jack Frost. It never fails to make me cry. Michael Keaton gives one of the best performances of a showman I have ever seen. On his way home Jack (Keaton) is killed in a car accident but his spirit is alive and kicking in the body of a snowman. However his moments are precious, as once Christmas is gone and the snow melts he’ll be taken from his family forever. I’m getting upset just thinking about it.

There are tons more I’m sure, some I haven’t seen and some I can’t think of but this will definitely be enough to keep you going in the run up to Christmas.

If you think of any I’ve missed or that you’ve seen and loved, or hated then comment. I would like to see something new myself this year.


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