Trust me when I tell you there is no getting through this film without shedding tears. I tried to hide the fact I was crying; scratching my nose while subtly wiping away my tears. But I couldn’t hold them in and by the end my eyes gushed like waterfalls. But I wasn’t alone. I went with friends, who like me tried to hide it, but we were all a mess. Next time I’ll be ready. Armed with a pack of tissues for any film that might be upsetting, because two tissues between four girls definitely weren’t enough.

The film is loosely based around screenwriter Will Reiser, a close friend of Seth Rogan (Kyle) whose friendship inspired the film. 50/50  charts Adams life, from the discovery of a cancerous tumour growing on his spine, to his struggle in coming to terms with it and subsequent efforts to beat it.

It’s an emotional rollercoaster; sad and upsetting but also very funny, heart warming and surprisingly uplifting in parts. You’ll fall in love with all the characters, breaking your heart when they’re hurt, and making you laugh in the most awkward and uncomfortable yet entertaining situations. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Adam) gives a touching performance. There’s something attainable and down to earth about him, a vulnerability which makes him perfect for the role. He’s a realistic guy, so easy to identify with and effortlessly believable. And the relationships he develops are so endearingly sweet it’s impossible to not feel moved by them.

50/50 is a perfect blend of humour and heart-warming drama. It’s one of the best films this year; unmissable and memorable.


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