I’m at the conclusion that it’s impossible to pick a favourite film of all time. Or at least for me it is. And at best I can narrow it down to a single favourite of the year. So in 2011 this prestigious award goes to…………..

(And this was a really tough decision)


A great film; unique, sharp and visually striking with a 1980’s enthused style and soundtrack that blew me away. Ryan Gosling says very little but he’s fascinating to watch (and I’m not just saying that because he’s super hot). He carries the film effortlessly.

2011 has been an impressive year for great film making, writing, and directing, with many shining performances. And there are still so many films I’ve yet to see.

But of the ones I have seen these are some of the year’s finest.

 Scream 4

 My favourite Horror franchise. Wes Craven makes fun of the genre in his fourth instalment with the Ghost face killer. It’s funny, surprisingly jumpy and entertainingly predictable with familiar lovable characters. It’s not as good as the original, but it’s far better than the second and third instalment.

 Brighton Rock

 A gripping adaptation of Graham Greene’s classic novel set during the 1960’s conflict between the Mods and Rockers, charting the rise and fall of teenage sociopath Pinkie; a small-town gangster. It’s a tragic love story, sharp and unsettling to the end.

 Blue Valentine

An intense, passionate film about the breakdown of a marriage, cut with flashbacks to the beginning of their relationship. It’s emotionally charged with two incredible, raw performances from Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. (Again it has nothing to do with his good looks. In fact they do a good job in making him look pretty terrible.)

 Super 8

It made me feel really nostalgic. Not that I was born in the 1970’s but it reminded me of being a kid going on adventures (none as exciting as this though. There were definitely no epic train crashes and aliens on my adventures).

 Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows part 2

Though it’s not my favourite Harry Potter film (The half blood Prince is bar the best) it was an incredible end to one of the greatest film franchises of all time.

 We need to talk about Kevin

An unsettling and disturbing, but incredible film about a mother dealing with the aftermath of her son’s high-school massacre. I’ll be honest; John C. Reilly was my reason for watching the film, and in fact I went in to it thinking it was a comedy…………..I was wrong.


A surprisingly funny and heart-warming film about a man struggling to cope with his recent Cancer Diagnosis. I laughed and I cried, and cried some more. Have tissues at the ready.

 Animal Kingdom

I’m a big fan of Australian Cinema. They have a knack for creating masterful realism with gritty, honest performances. It’s a remarkable piece of film making. (If want something a little more light-hearted but still Aussie then watch Happy feet)

 Crazy, Stupid, Love

A really enjoyable and funny film with relatable characters, situations and some very touching moments. Steve Carrell always plays such entertaining and endearing characters. He’s a real pleasure to watch. Funnily enough Ryan Gosling is in it too.


The best chick-flick of the year by far. It’s sharp with smart laughs and great characters. Kirsten Wiig is quirky, hilarious and really entertaining to watch. It’s great to see her in more than a bit-part.

 Straw Dogs

It’s a decent remake of the 1971 cult classic, starring Alexander Skarsgaard, James Marsden, Kate Bosworth, and James woods. It’s intense, shocking and well acted but Skarsgaard looks more like a model than a redneck lowlife.

 The Help

I cried the whole way through this film. I should have watched it with friends, and then someone could have told me I looked like a melting panda at the end.

There are plenty more I could mention but I have a terrible memory and I’d have to go through all my old ticket stubs to remember. (which I keep. Sad, right?)

But the year’s not over yet, with Sherlock Holmes, Girl with the dragon tattoo, Another earth, Take shelter, and The artist, out or due out in the next few weeks. So no doubt I’ll have a new list or come back to edit this one.


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