I’m going to hold my hands up here and say I was a little hasty in writing my ‘Reasons To Get Excited About 2012’ post, and since writing that have remembered several films I should have listed, and also discovered so many new films that deserved a mention. And admittedly there are a few films on that previous list that probably didn’t need mentioning at all. John Carter, This Means War, and although I really really want to see it Young Adult probably aren’t worthy of their spot compared to others on the list. L  However, I’ve also realised that putting together a list of all the films that should not be missed in 2012 would be a pretty long read and no doubt I’m going to keep coming across new films resulting in posts Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and so on. So instead I’m going to break it down into months. So naturally I shall begin with ………..


 J Edgar

Has Clint Eastwood ever made a bad film? I haven’t seen all of them but the ones I have seen (Mystic River, Grand Torino, Flags Of Our Fathers, Million Dollar Baby, and Changling) impressed me. And when was the last time Leonardo DiCaprio starred in anything less than a great, if not incredible film? Body Of Lies may be the only blemish on his otherwise flawless film résumé and everyone’s entitled to one mistake, right! But with Eastwood and DiCaprio aside, the story alone should have you chomping at the bit, in a Biopic that details J. Edgar’s highly controversial and scandalous career and alleged cross-dressing homosexual private life. Penned by Dustin Lance Black who also wrote eight times Oscar nominated Milk (winning Sean Penn Best Actor) J. Edgar is already generating serious Oscar buzz.

 The Iron Lady

The teaser trailer for Iron Lady alone was enough to interest me and Meryl Streep’s transformation looks pretty damn remarkable. It’s penned by Shame’s co-writer Abi Morgan, supported by a high calibre of British actors, and centres round the rise of Margaret Thatcher over thirty years in her journey to power and the high price she paid to get there. I do love my Biopics.

 The Artist

The Artist was released in a handful of theatres in late December but its official release (January 6th) could not have come quick enough. Unfortunately for me though I have to wait a few more days because I promised my Grandmother we’d watch it together. And with her social life (The Heswall Hoofers and several Luncheons) keeping her busy I’m being made to wait. (It’s embarrassing that my nans social life is busier than mine). But some things are worth waiting for and I have no doubt this will be I won’t forget in a hurry. It’s a silent film that centres around, well…… the end of silent films; set in 1920’s Hollywood when silent film star George Valentin slips into oblivion at the dawn of the Talkies while young Peppy Miller gets her big break. It’s got a heavy-weight cast with French leads Jean Dujardin and Bérénice Bejo supported by American Heavy-weights John Goodman and James Cromwell along with our very own Malcolm McDowell. I need to see it NOW!

Other films which I mentioned in my Reasons to get excited about 2012 post were (and I wont go into detail because I’ve ranted on enough about these films in the earlier post which you should toooootally read);


It’s a dark, sordid exploration of high flying Brandon Sullivan’s (Michael Fassbender) excessive lifestyle and addiction to sex. It looks raunchy, uncompromising and raw with promising performances from man of the minute Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan.

 A monster in Paris

It’s a 3D animation set in 1910 Paris, where a shy movie projectionist and an eccentric inventor join together on the hunt for a monster, which turns out to be an oversized but harmless flee in love with young cabaret singer Lucille.

 The Descendants

The Descendants is a heart warming comedy starring George Clooney about a man (Clooney) who, when his wife falls into a coma after a boating accident, is forced to re-connect with his daughters.

That should keep you busy till February. 🙂


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