Have I hardened in my old age? Become heartless and unfeeling? I have to wonder when I didn’t shed one tear watching The Vow. Usually when I watch touching drama’s, Rom/Com’s or films such as this I’m a blubbering mess, but I couldn’t even muster up one tear. What’s wrong with me? It’s such a heart breaking story with moments that at least had me well up, but something about the characters I just couldn’t connect with. 😦


I’ll keep this brief as it doesn’t warrant a lengthy review, but was enjoyable enough to mention.


The Vow is a perfect Valentines film, full of romance, tender moments, heart-break and humour. And to top it off it’s based on a true story.

After a serious car accident Paige (Rachel McAdams) wakes from a coma with no memory of recent years. Her husband Leo (Channing Tatum) left without a wife, only a woman with no recollection of him, tries desperately to win her heart all over again and help rediscover the women she had become.



I expected The Vow to be the typical, predictable, Hollywood standard romance, and it was. It was never going to be something completely unexpected was it? But it was far better than most and is made more interesting and relatable by the fact it’s based on a true story. I’m a sucker for a true story; they pull at my heart-strings just that bit harder than any work of fiction. The only fault I have with The Vow is Rachel McAdams. Channing Tatum fits effortlessly into his role but with McAdams I struggled to associate her in that role. She should just redo The Notebook over and over and over. Or Mean Girls. She plays a really good high-school bitch. These are by far her two best roles. Above all The Vow is a story of unrequited love, and as a result is unbelievably cheesy. He’s the perfect guy every girl wants to be with and she’s the girl every guy would give their right arm for a chance with, and every girl will hate her for that. They’re both a picture of perfection in a no-love-like-ours relationship, young and in love and it’s made more sickeningly sweet by the fact these are in fact real people.


The Vow is by far one of the best romantic drama’s I’ve seen over the last few years with an unforgettable soundtrack that includes The Cure, The National and Light FM. The Cure are without question my favourite band so the soundtrack was bound to be a success for me.


The Vow is a complete and unarguably 100% chick flick. I imagine its only appeal to men is Rachel McAdams or if they take a woman to see it there may be a promise of ‘getting some’ afterwards. Either way enjoy it. And girls there is no better reason to watch it than for a glimpse at Channing Tatum walking round butt naked, if only for a moment. It’s in no way thought-provoking, profound, or hard-hitting, only enjoyable and a completely indulgent cheese fest.




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