I missed watching it in theatres and at the time wasn’t that bothered by the fact.  But after finally watching it on DVD I’m gutted I didn’t get to experience it on the big screen. Had I actually seen it last year, before I made my “favourite film of 2011” decision –which I already had trouble narrowing down- the decision would have been a great deal harder. If I had to make that choice again I think Midnight In Paris and Drive would both take 1st place.


I have completely fallen in love with this film.


It’s a complete indulgence of the imagination that evokes a child like sense of awe and wonder in the viewer. Its story draped in history, filled with iconic literary and artistic icons including Hemingway, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, and T S. Elliot; all set before a colourfully rich and stunning Parisian backdrop. It’s a love story, not between people but for one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. Visiting some of the most memorable and exciting of bygone era’s under the dimly lit street lamps of night time Paris, while revealing the cities romantic charm and magnetism in the modern-day. But this isn’t just a pretty film. Its stunning imagery is simply the eye-catching, mouth-watering icing on the cake. And while its prettiness draws you in, it’s the intricate and beautifully crafted narrative that is truly absorbing; effortlessly holding your attention. And if that wasn’t enough, the film is accompanied by a mood setting, very French soundtrack that, while it sounds cliché, is a character in itself, detailing otherwise quiet moments in the film. Every aspect of the film is breath-taking. “Woody Allen you have outdone yourself!!!!”



Written and directed by Woody Allen, this dialogue heavy film tells the story of Hollywood screenwriter Gil (Owen Wilson) who, while on holiday in Paris with fiancé Inez (Rachel McAdams) and her parents, at the strike of midnight is transported to the 1920’s where he is united with his literary hero’s. His fantastical imagination is quite literally brought to life with such entertaining characters. My favourite being Adrien Brody’s Salvador Dali.

What really brought Midnight In Paris to life were the incredible performances; especially those playing such iconic figures. These are big shoes to fill but Adrien Brody, Tom Hiddleston (F Scott. Fitzgerald), Alison Pill (Zelda Fitzgerald), and Marion Cotillard (Adriana) do so impressively. The only character I could pick fault with, or rather the actor, was Rachel McAdams. Though she’s a talented actress something about her just didn’t fit the character and I struggled to believe or feel any chemistry between her and Wilson. Otherwise, every performance was flawless. Before seeing the film and in fact before its release, my only scepticism was Allen’s choice to cast Owen Wilson. I’m a big Wilson fan but these are not two names I would have ever considered working together. Woody Allen’s films are far from Wilson’s comedy filled film resume –the serious Behind Enemy Lines aside- but it turned out a surprisingly perfect fit and a partnership I would enjoy seeing again in future films.  I’ve seen only a handful of Woody Allen’s films, and though I’ve always enjoyed them, this is by far the best I’ve seen. So much so that I look forward to going back a watching many more of his films, even if it is to see Woody Allen play Woody Allen in all of them.


If you were unsure about a vacation or moving to Paris, after watching this you’ll have your bags packed before the final credits roll.




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  1. nediunedited says:

    I totally agree! Great review!

    Old school Woody Allen (Annie Hall, Manhattan, Purple Rose of Cairo) is awesome, but I feel like in his later years he has become even more awesome. 🙂

    Interestingly there are two major differences from the early years–1. He moved outside of New York (which has always been a main character in his films) and 2. He does not star in them.

    If you haven’t seen these yet, check out Match Point (set in London–pretty intense and way outside of his typical work) and Vicky Christina Barcelona (set in Spain–spirited and wonderful).

    Hope you have fun, as you continue to discover Mr. Allen’s neurosis!

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