Gone (2nd March)

An interesting premise, far from original but exciting all the same, and it’s a refreshing role for Amanda Seyfried. It’s different from her usual cheesy love stories. Gone follows Jill as she tries to find her kidnapped sister, who she believes has been taken by the same man who kidnapped her some years earlier. Ooooooh intriguing!

 Wanderlust (2nd March)

Surprise! Jennifer Aniston does Rom/Com, only this time I’m excited about it. When he loses his job George (Paul Rudd) and his wife Linda (Jennifer Aniston) are forced to leave their comfortable lifestyle and go in search of something new. And where do they end up? A free loving, rural commune! Let the fun, frolics and Paul Rudd comedy begin.

The Devil Inside (2nd March)

Even the trailer terrifies me. I’m a wimp when it comes to horror films and I know I’ll spend the majority of this viewing experience behind the couch. But I challenge even the toughest person not to check under the bed or in the wardrobe before turning the light out once they’ve seen this.

Project X (2nd March)

Cast with a majority of non actors, Project X is a home video style film about three teenage boys who throw a house party that escalates out of control. That’s pretty much it. All I know is I’ll be knocking back bratty underage teenagers because they’re too young to see it. It’s a film for teenagers and yet it’s rated 18. Madness!

 Bel Ami (2nd March)

A great vehicle for Robert Pattinson demonstrating he is more than just a brooding beautifully quaffed haired vampire. It’s a decent cast including Christina Ricci and Uma Thurman as influential wealthy woman who fall at the hands of Bel Ami (Pattinson) on his rise to power. It’s a total chick flick, raunchy, with bad accents. It’s an opportunity to perv over Pattinson if nothing else!

The Raven (9th March)

I do love a good murder Mystery. And this is most definitely that. When a series of murders take place, inspired by fiction stories by Edgar Allen Poe, Edgar (John Cusack) goes in search of the killer. Cusack’s been pretty quiet lately so it’ll be good to see him back on the screen.

John Carter (9th March)

I think I’m the only person excited about this film. The special FX look pretty incredible, as does Taylor Kitch shirtless, and I’m a sucker for adventure/sci-fi films. I know little about the origin story or the books John Carter comes from but it’s an exciting premise across a vast landscape and quite frankly I can’t wait!

Contraband (16th March)

A remake of an Icelandic film about a bad guy gone good (Mark Walberg) who, when his family are threatened after his brother in-law is caught up in some bad sh*t, has to revisit the smuggling game and save his family. It’s an all-star cast including Walberg, Kate Beckinsale, Ben Foster, and Giovanni Ribisi.

We Bought A Zoo (16th March)

From the director who brought you Jerry McGuire, Almost Famous and Elizabeth Town, Cameron Crowe’s latest film We Bought A Zoo is of the same thread, even down the empowering “I-quit” speech Matt Damon gives before quitting his job. But I don’t care if it’s predictable. I love Matt Damon, I love a good tear jerker, and I love the zoo so this has all the ingredients of a great film for me.

21 Jump Street(16th March)

The trailer is pretty damn funny and the song that accompanies it is sticks in my head every time I hear it. I never saw the TV series and I’m sure it’s a forgettable film once the credits roll, but you can’t beat a good comedy. And with the exception of The Sitter, Jonah Hill makes pretty good comedies.

The Hunger Games (23th March)

I’m so excited about this. I’d never even heard of it until I saw the trailer, but now I’m a huge fan after recently finishing all the books. It’s marketed as the new Twilight but I’m hoping it will be better. Both the books and film are aimed at ‘tweens’ but the premise is far more adult and slightly less cheesy than Twilight. It’s Battle Royal for a younger audience and will no doubt put Jennifer Lawrence on the same Hollywood A-List track Kirsten Stewart has ridden since her Twilight success.

Act Of Valour (23th March)

I love war films and documentaries, especially Band Of Brothers and Generation Kill. They chart real life war stories and feature some of the real soldiers which makes for a more touching story. Act of Valour does just that, using real United States Navy SEALS.  I’m fascinated by war and I have no idea why. I guess it’s as close as I’ll ever get to the front line without actually putting myself in danger. It’s the same principle as watching horror films I suppose.

This Must Be The Place (23rd March)

I’m going to watch this on the basis that Sean Penn looks like Robert Smith from The Cure and before I knew what it was about I thought it must be a Biopic. I was wrong. But not completely. Sean Penn plays a retired rock-star in search of his father’s killer; an ex-Nazi war criminal and refugee in theU.S.

This Is Not A Film (30th March)

This Is Not A Film is actually a film. An Iranian film.  Directed by Jafar Panahi, it documents a day in the life of Jafar Panahi under house arrest while awaiting the outcome of his appeal. Jafar was arrested on political charges and sentenced to six years in prison, banned from directing for twenty years, not allowed to travel and prohibited from giving interviews, and thus we have an intriguing film. Jafar acts out scenes from a film he was never able to make, feeds his pet Iguana and looks out on to the fiery smoke-filled street in chaos. It’s a straight forward very simple narrative that packs a hefty punch with a serious message.

Into The Abyss: A Tale Of Death, A Tale Of Life (30th March)

I’m painting an unflattering image of myself here but I love watching documentaries on prison life. I never missed an episode of Inside Prison tactical or Americas Toughest Prisons and I always watch the documentaries on serial killers. It’s fascinating to explore things I know nothing about. People with a completely different mind-set and morals or are just completely insane. Plus it’s directed by Werner Herzog, who is one of the greatest documentary film makers. Grizzly Man is probably my favourite of his.

Baby call (30th March)

Noomi Rapace stars in this Swedish horror about a woman who moves to a secret location with her young son to escape her abusive husband. Over protective Noomi invests in a baby monitor (babycall) so she can hear her son from her room but instead picks up the sounds of another child in distress. Ooooh spooky!


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  1. nediunedited says:

    Indeed! March is looking good!

    I am super ready for the Hunger Games–I, too loved the books. I am pleased with the cast and director. They would have to REALLY screw things up for this NOT to be awesome.

    I agree with you about John Carter. I am stoked for director Andrew Stanton’s vision. As a fan of Pixar, I am rooting for him to succeed in live action.

    Here (Austin, TX) we are also getting The Wrath of the Titans (March 30). I loved the original-original (Clash of the Titans 1981) as a kid and so the remake in 2010 was pure silly fun. So, I have to admit, I am a bit excited about some more Ralph Fiennes and Liam Neeson as some badass gods! 😀

    • I haven’t seen the remake of clash of the titans but the original is incredible. It’s one of my mums favourites so I’ve been forced to watch it at least once every year. Maybe I’ll give it a go before the release of Wrath. It’s going to be a very busy film month!

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