Nicolas Cage is and has, ever since I can remember, been my favourite actor. And I am not ashamed to say it. In fact I say it proudly! Yes he’s made poor career moves and I can’t defend some of his unbelievably bad film choices (admittedly there have been quite a lot) but he’s also made some incredible films. One of which won him an Oscar. And while there’s no arguing his hair has gained some negative attention (deservedly so), I choose to blame his hairdresser, who should be fired, and those closest to him who should have the decency to tell him when something isn’t working. Shame on you! That said, I am going to give you several damn good reasons why Nicolas Cage is not ‘a terrible actor’, but instead one of the greats!!!! Or at least one of the most entertaining.

Nicolas Cage does comedy

Raising Arizona

A Coen Brothers classic and one of Cage’s best roles.

Peggy Sue Got Married

One of Cage’s earliest roles where he sings a great cover of a Beatles song. “She loves you ooooo ooooo oooooo,”

 Guarding Tess

This is one of my favourite Nicolas Cage films. And it’s one of his most entertaining characters (and no there not all the same!!).

Nicolas Cage does serious…..

Leaving Las Vegas

The film that won him an Oscar!!! You hear that? He won an Oscar 🙂

The Family Man

One of my favourite Christmas films.


City of Angels

I can’t watch this film without crying. It’s such a chick flick and I love it. See, he doesn’t just do action films. But he does do a fair few………

Nicolas Cage does action……

National Treasure

And this is one of his best.


Need I say anything!


A cool dad.


Nicolas Cage does Hair.

And to finish….


Give the guy a break. Anyone who can make you laugh this much deserves one.


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  1. nediunedited says:

    OH NIC! 😀

    You might appreciate this clip–and it confirms that he is indeed awesome!

    SNL: Get in the Cage (tale of the two Nics)–LOL!

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