Let me start by saying I loved it! It’s funny, full of action, comedy, it’s incredibly sweet (surprisingly so), and it’s the perfect amount of cheesy. By far the best comedy I’ve seen in recent months.

It’s a straight forward narrative about two CIA operatives, best friends, who end up dating the same woman. Naturally, like anyone would, they attempt to sabotage one another’s dates with a little work related help (I wish some of my dates would go down like this) while Reese Witherspoon gets to enjoy being fawned over and swept off her feet. That just sounds like a normal weekend for me :s

Who she’ll choose, and how it ends……you’ll have to watch and see. Ha! Who am I kidding, No you won’t. You’ll have it figured out in the first half hour. But it’s a good kind of predictable and you will enjoy the journey more than its end.

All the performances are entertaining, especially Chelsea Handler as Reese Witherspoon’s overly enthusiastic, sex obsessed best friend. And while all the characters and enjoyable, what really set This Means War apart from other romantic comedies with their often generic characters, is how surprisingly relatable these characters are; especially Tom Hardy who plays the incredibly sweet, sensitive, yet ass kicking Tuck. He warmed my icy heart countless times, and does so effortlessly. There’s something about Hardy, or rather his performance, that comes across very natural and honest; like he isn’t acting at all; which made his performance that much more heart warming. As a result I will now be comparing any guy, who I potentially want to go out with or who shows an interest in me, against his character. If they fail in any way where Tuck excels, then they will be told politely “It’s not going to happen!”.

 I’m going to be single for a very long time I think…..Damn the movies for my unrealistic ideals of men!!!

But while this isn’t Match.com I’ll get back to the review.

Tom Hardy is the films highlight, out of surprise more than anything, having never seen him do comedy before which he does so well. He is definitely one to follow and will hopefully go on to surprise me many more times.

I’m not a huge Reese Witherspoon fan. In fact I’m not a fan of most of the films she’s been in with the exception of Walk the Line (she’s brilliant in that). That aside, she hasn’t done anything particularly challenging so I have no idea how good she might actually be. However, I do really like her in This Means War. She’s great at playing strong women, while playing it vulnerable enough for a man to want to take care of her. And to my surprise she’s actually quite funny.  I don’t know whether this is a reason to like or dislike her. If anything I’m just jealous. Either way she seems comfortable in the role. Like Jennifer Aniston though, and in fact many female leads, there is a risk of becoming type-cast, but I really hope it’s not the case because I’d love to see her in something where she does more than look pretty and sound smart. Oooh I forgot, I really liked her in Legally Blonde.

Chris Pine is entertaining as usual, with that same magnetic onscreen presence he always exudes but, and this is nothing against him, (PLEASE DON’T READ THIS BIT IF YOU ARE IN ANYWAY UNSURE OF HOW THE FILM MIGHT END OR IF YOU DON’T CARE) why on earth does Lauren (Witherspoon) choose FDR over Tuck? I mean seriously, what the F**k! Why would any woman choose the arrogant player over the sensitive, gentlemanly, adorable, and very strong Tom Hardy…I mean Tuck? …….

Madness I tell you. Madness!


Aside from the minor quibble I have with its outcome it is still an incredibly entertaining and very enjoyable sit-back-and-switch-off film that I will gladly watch again and will definitely be adding to my DVD collection.

It’s not strictly a chick flick though it will definitely appeal more to women. But there are enough explosions and some great action scenes in there to keep men entertained as well.

I don’t think there’ll be any Oscar nominations but McG has outdone himself behind the lens.  It’s an impressive first time directing a comedy feature that for me is one the best in recent years, and a serious achievement for someone whose resume is TV and Drama heavy.


A definite 9 out of 10 for Tom Hardy. 8.5 for the film. 🙂

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