I recently added Jonah Hill on Twitter thinking he’d have some entertaining tweets. Not the case. In fact practically every one of his tweets are re-tweets from fans saying how awesome and funny 21 Jump Street is. And all his own tweets are like “Go see this film. It’s hilarious”.

Here are just a few examples…….


holy tits 21 Jump Street was SO FUCKING FUNNY. like I laughed 90x harder than I thought I would & I expected to laugh #goseeit#21jumpstreet

Retweeted by Jonah Hill

“21 JUMP STREET = best comedy since THE HANGOVER. And I’m not exaggerating.”

Retweeted by Jonah Hill

(Trust me that last guy is exaggerating)

Turns out Jonah Hill co-wrote the story! So thaaaat’s why he won’t shut up about it. Sadly though, the story is the films weakest point (Sorry Jonah). However, don’t be put off by that because it is incredibly funny (although not better than The Hangover), so they got the comedy part spot on.

21 Jump Street is directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the guys who wrote Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (one of my favourite animations), How I Met Your Mother (which I can’t stand), and most recently Project X which has proven very popular. It follows two rookie cops, Schmidt (Jonah Hill) a clever but cowardly guy, and Jenko (Channing Tatum) who is all strength but lacks intelligence. They complete one another but unfortunately they suck at the job and are re assigned to 21 Jump Street, and placed undercover in a high-school to uncover the source of an illegal drug. 21 Jump Street carries one important message. Which is “You are what you were in high-school!” so when Doug and Brad (alias’s for Schmidt and Jenko) are mistakenly assigned to one another’s classes they are forced to see how the other half survives school. I wonder if they become better people after having gone through this experience? …..

It’s a done to death storyline, Never Been Kissed, Plain Clothes, Kindergarten Cop, to name a few, and the characters are stereotyped and unoriginal which at one point Ice-cube, the bad-mouthed, couldn’t give a f*ck captain so nicely points out.

However this sinking ship does stay afloat, but it’s for one reason only.  It’s got an impressive bill of comedy actors with great chemistry and there’s a surprise cameo from Johnny Depp (I guess that’s two reasons). Play ‘spot Johnny Depp’ and I bet you won’t find him until he voluntarily reveals himself.

Surprisingly though it’s Channing Tatum who provides most of the films comedy and laughs with an incredibly entertaining performance. Who knew he was that funny! Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum have great chemistry in a love hate relationship, providing us with one of the best bromances in comedy. And naturally there are hints at a sequel. “You guys are going to college!” Fade to black. Did anyone see that coming?

The screenplay and story are penned by Michael Bacall, also responsible for Project X and the highly charged Scott Pilgrim with a similar visual style to 21 Jump Street with scenes that play out like old style games simulations; giving some of the best, most trippy, and amusing drug taking scenes. The film is full of laughs with great moments as quotable as films like Superbad, Scott Pilgrim, Step Brothers, and others of that ilk. It just lacks a great story.

If you’re a fan of Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan or Will Ferrell films, you won’t be disappointed.

It get a C+ grade from me.


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