I’ve been told I have to stop giving every film I watch a decent review. I seem to give even the films I don’t like or enjoy a good review and rate them way too highly. But this is my turning point. In earlier cases I managed to find some positive note on which I could praise the film because usually most films have at least one, and even the smallest flicker of light is worth a mention. However, The Devil Inside has none. The only semi-decent aspect of it is its story but even then it’s poorly executed. The trailers make out like it’s one of the scariest films in years but in truth you see the most shocking parts in the trailer so there’s absolutely no surprise. Everything about it is done to death. Shooting style (Documentary footage) and narrative (Exorcism/possession) follow the most current trends, following a succession of films like Project X, Paranormal Activity 1,2 & 3, Chronicle, [Rec], and [Rec]: Genesis, with more being released. The whole discovered footage thing is a great concept; or rather it was while it was fresh and considered something different. I love the Blair Witch Project and [Rec] but now it’s lost that edge and the excitement that came with it. Now I think “Not another one!”.  No matter what people come up with or what starts out as a refreshing change eventually it gets over played.

The Devil Inside is a cast of unknowns with no particularly great performances. No one stands out except for real-life contortionist Bonnie Morgan who plays Rosa, a young woman possessed, whose freakishly bendy, bone cracking body is hard to forget. When do people realise they can do something like that? Do they just one day think ‘I have nothing better to do so I might try dislocating my shoulders today’? Personally I’d just read a book. Aside from bendy woman there is nothing memorable about the film except for how bad it is and the fact it ends quite literally up in the air. It felt like watching half a film, ending just as it gets mildly interesting. However, for anyone who desperately needs closure or wants to know more of what happened there are several links on YouTube set up to extend on what happens after the film and events that happened prior to it found under Rossi Files. But rather than waste time why not just watch another film, one where you get all you need from the actual film and not have to go on some wild goose chase to feel fulfilled.


The Devil Inside is a major disappointment. I’ve not seen a great horror film for some time but am constantly looking for one to give me a good scare and unfortunately this does not deliver, instead providing more laughs than scary moments. But, the trailers shown before the feature on the other hand…….do look pretty scary, with one in particular standing out. Silent House starring upcoming Olsen sister Elizabeth Olsen, filmed in one continuous tracking shot, looks like a suspenseful, white knuckle ride that might actually deliver the scary goods. That’s definitely on my ‘to watch’ list.

It’s a disappointing 2/10 for The Devil Inside. And a  5/10 for Silent House’s trailer.


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