Win Win
is a definite Win Win. I really enjoyed it, which I have to say was a surprise. I expected something depressing and quite serious but despite its grim storyline, it’s funny, has great performances that are both touching and light-hearted, is beautifully shot, and over all is very enjoyable. I’m just sorry I waited so long to watch it. Paul Giamatti is a pleasure to watch; very relatable, with a realness (lets face it he’s not your typical Hollywood leading man) that’s easy to empathise with. He’s underrated as an actor but never gives a bad performance. You’ve all seen Fred Clause right! That’s possibly the best portrayal of the lovable chubby Santa to date. Although Tim Allen gives a close second.

Alex Shaffer delivers a shining début performance in what is probably the most challenging in the film. He’s got a youthful, very excitable energy that you know at some point will explode and that’s magnetic to watch. I look forward to seeing him in future projects which seems like something way off in the future since all he’s done since Win Win is a short film Pig Lady and feature Land of Tomorrow due for release later this year. Hopefully he won’t decide to be a trucker or astronaut instead of a professional actor because his talent will be wasted.

Melanie Lynskey, another great actress, seems drawn to broken, mentally unstable characters, playing nut job Rose in Two And A Half Men, suffering with countless miscarriages in Away We Go, and now Cindy, the drug fuelled neglectful mother out for every penny she can get her hands on in Win Win. But for some reason (probably because she has such an adorable face) you can’t help but love her. I just want to squidge her cheeks. I haven’t seen many of her films but I’ll make more of an effort now that I’ve seen her in Win Win.

It’s a low-budget film that’s brought in just short of $11,000,000 worldwide. A small sum but not bad for a film few people have heard of.  Amongst all the vampire/werewolf, zombie, action/adrenaline, sci-fi films, there are a few hidden gems, highly underrated and unnoticed. Win Win is definitely one of those films, but I recommend it to everyone.

It may seem like a grim story, but you come away from watching Win Win with a glimmer of hope with an ending far brighter than its beginning. Who would have thought a film about a struggling small time attorney and part-time high-school wrestling coach landed with the job of looking after a run away kid would be so entertaining.

Put Win Win on your “To watch list”.




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