OK, so if you’ve read this post already and are for some reason reading it again then you will notice that the list has changed slightly. Firstly I’m an idiot and listed films for April release that have in fact been pushed back to a later month, and secondly I didn’t think to check my information, “Doh”. But if you’re reading this for the first time then ignore what I’ve just said as everything you”ll read from this point is correct 🙂

 April 5th

 Titanic 3D

I watched this is theatres twice. I think most people went to see it more than once, and when I bought it on video, yes video, I would watch it, rewind it, and watch it again straight away. What can I say it was my Leonardo DiCaprio phase (that lasted about five years until my mother bought me a backpack that she had his name printed on (spelt wrong might I add)! That’s when I realised it was time to move on). I’m not a big fan of 3D films. There’s rarely any 3D in them and are simply an excuse to make more money but I will go and watch it regardless. That’s the power of DiCaprio.

April 6th  


Linda Cardellini (Velma in the Scooby Doo films) plays solider Kelli who after returning home from a tour of duty struggles to find her place within the family and in everyday life.  The home she left behind is unrecognisable to her now but she fights to reclaim some resemblance of the life she once had.  It’s a lead role for Cardellini, one she deserves after many bit-parts and forgettable roles. But it’s not her first time taking centre stage, playing Lindsay Weir in Paul Feig’s high-school drama/comedy Freaks and Geeks. Michael Shannon also stars, as husband Mike; far from his usual disturbing and psychotic roles.

April 11th 


My new guilty pleasure comes in the form of Taylor Kitch, who after his turn in John Carter and now Battleship, looks set to make a name for himself as action hero, heart throb of 2012. The film itself looks pretty samey, nothing we haven’t seen before only it’s set at sea and the ‘aliens’ look slightly different from all the others. The love story reminds me of Armageddon and parallels have been made with Transformers (no surprise as it’s made by the same people) and I’m sure countless other comparisons can be made. But I can’t resist a good action film, and haven’t watched a blockbuster in ages so I’m kind of excited. My only major annoyance is Rihanna’s in it and I can’t stand her. What are the chances she’ll get eaten by an alien in the first ten minutes? One can only hope.

 April 13th

The Cabin In The Woods

One of the films I’m most excited about this month, The Cabin In The Woods sees a group of friends head out to a remote cabin (in the woods would you believe) for a weekend vacation filled with sex, drugs, fun times, oh and death.  But it’s not your average, seen-it-all-before teen Slasher, and with it Producer Joss Whedon and Director Drew Goddard provide a little mystery as there is more to the cabin than first meets the eye. Obviously there’ll be boobs and plenty of horror tropes you’ve seen before but hopefully it will come with a bonus of something exciting we haven’t seen before, “like you promised Mr Whedon!!!!!!!!”

 April 20th


 Originally set for an early March release, it has been pushed back to April 20th. So due to my laziness I’m copying what I originally wrote in my “Best Of March” post.

An interesting premise, far from original but exciting all the same, and it’s a refreshing role for Amanda Seyfried. It’s different from her usual cheesy love stories. Gone follows Jill as she tries to find her kidnapped sister, who she believes has been taken by the same man who kidnapped her some years earlier. Ooooooh intriguing!


Guy Pearce plays a man wrongly convicted, but in exchange for his freedom is sent into a maximum security prison IN SPACE to rescue the presidents daughter, who stupidly gets herself trapped amongst a bunch of angry rioting convicts. Joseph Gilgun (Woody from This Is England) plays leading bad guy and honestly he’s the only reason I’m going to watch it.

 The House At The End Of The Street

Before the release of Hunger Games most people probably had no idea who Jennifer Lawrence was. Now after its release and incredible success Jennifer Lawrence will be a name hard to forget. Her latest film The House At The End Of The Street is a little less child friendly, and comes in the form of Mark Tonderai Horror/Thriller about a young girl who moves with her mother to a new house only to find out that a gruesome murder took place next door. When Elissa (Lawrence) befriends the surviving son she discovers there is more to the story and finds herself tangled up in something unpleasant.

 April 27th

 The Avengers

Avengers aaaaseemmmmmmble! I’m so excited about this. Words cannot describe how excited I am. If it doesn’t live up to my expectations I’m going to do some ass kicking of my own. “You have been warned Joss Whedon! That’s two films this month you have to impress me with.” It’ll be interesting to see how Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk fares in comparison to Eric Banner and Ed Norton, who both took on the angry green giant in earlier Hulk origin films (which were both pretty terrible), and I look forward to seeing Jeremy Renner as HawkEye though he’s my least favourite in the team.


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