OK, so until yesterday I had never even heard of the Liebster Blog award, let alone knew what it was. But I’m pleased to say I am now the proud recipient of one!

I received my award courtesy of Nedi, one of my earliest followers (and there are only a few though the numbers are slowly growing) whose comments and own blog Nediunited.com I thoroughly enjoy reading.

It’s flattering, and such a nice feeling to know someone appreciates what I write and thinks it’s worth encouraging others to read. And hopefully more people will read it now. Though I’m happy writing for the small number of loyal readers I already have.

Receiving a Liebster award comes with a small set of rules;

  1. Firstly you much thank the person who gave you the award
  2. Then link back to their blog.
  3. Paste the award on your post
  4. Pick 5 blogs you feel deserve the spotlight by giving the a Liebster award. (These blogs must have less than 200 followers.
  5. And finally, leave a comment on those selected blogs to tell them the good news.

So that’s 3 out of 5 covered so far. Now on to my 5 picks.

http://jofareytale.wordpress.com/ A good friend of mine whose sarcasm and dry wit, both on the page and in person, is incredibly entertaining. Still fairly new to blogging there are only a handful of posts so far but with my encouragement and constant nagging there shall be plenty more.

Downwithfilm.com  is a great film blog made up of a small group of film enthusiasts all with a unique, entertaining, and insightful look on film. It covers film, TV, shorts, and more, and what I like most about it is that every voice is completely different. A very enjoyable read.

http://gonzogrizzly.wordpress.com/ Read for throwback Thursdays.  He’s an opinionated fellow with a real passion for film and music. I really enjoy reading his reviews that tear certain films ‘a new one’. If you read the blog hopefully you’ll feel inspired to visit http://soundcloud.com/deli-beats and listen to his music.

 http://cragakellogs.blogspot.co.uk/ Friend and fellow film enthusiast. It’s evident in his writing how passionate about film he is. It’s a very insightful read, enjoyable and gives you lots of information. One day he’ll be writing professionally……watch this space.

filmfallon.com FilmFallon is a new, dynamic and cutting edge production company created to bring effective video content to its consumer. Whether Corporate, Creative, Documentary or Events filming, FilmFallon can not only guarantee memorable and eye catching content every time, but in a style and format that reflects the modern consumer it aims to pinpoint.

These are all promising blogs and still in their early stages. But with more readers comes the incentive to become more active and produce more material which I hope they all do. There’s a lot of potential here, and some entertaining reads. There not all review based blogs, some provide a service but also have great information so I recommend you visit them all.

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