Piranha 3DD takes what made Piranha 3D (the previous film) so good, cheesy gratuitous script, lots of fake boobs, over the top bloody deaths, and a Piranha meets penis scene, to the extreme; and does so with negative results. The film sucks. Not even David Hasselhoff could save this film though he is by far the best thing about it. Piranha 3D had the right amount of everything, and had to some degree a reasonably decent storyline. But the latest instalment goes too far, and rather than coming across as making fun of itself and the genre it’s just stupid. And the dialogue is cringe worthy. “He got his penis bit off by something that came out of my vagina” and “pass me my legs” are just two of the many memorable and ridiculous quotes. This film should be scrapped and instead have Eli Roth return to the directors chair for a sequel on a level with original (Remake).




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  1. MovieGeek says:

    I’m usually all in favour of some trashy exploitation horror.. but this is not only is not very scary, not very gory and just badly done… but it is also very UNfunny. You’re not laughing with it, nor at it… you’re just not laughing at all!
    Check out my full review here http://wp.me/p19wJ2-xt

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