I knew little about America’s sixteenth President until very recently. And if I’m honest I am pretty ignorant to a lot of things outside my country, in fact including my country; especially when it comes to politics.  But I am currently reading a book on America’s fifty states that in chapter ‘Illinois’ charts, albeit briefly, the life of Abe Lincoln and his remarkable journey to becoming president.

Abe Lincoln: Vampire hunter is pretty accurate in that respect; minus a vampire slaying or two, and in fact the vampire storyline comes secondary to the main plot ofLincoln’s fight to abolish slavery. But these works of fact and fiction combine seamlessly to produce a story that injects vampire ass kickin’ action into historical events; which now seem far more interesting.

It’s a surprise cast, none of whom I would have expected, led by Benjamin Walker whose transformation to an elderly Abe Lincoln is impressive if not dead on. The rest of the cast is fairly small-time but not unfamiliar. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Dominic Cooper, Anthony Mackie, Rufus Sewell, and Marton Csokas are all in supporting roles and now no one else seems better suited to those roles. When I say unfamiliar I don’t mean they haven’t been in much, they have, but there are no A-listers here and like me you may spend half the film thinking what else I have seen them in.

The film has few flaws but length is one of them. At times it drags a little and some scenes could have been cut or replaced with more action. For a film that’s advertised in trailers as an action heavy vampire flick there really isn’t a great deal of it so it certainly isn’t what I expected. But the action is worth waiting for and at the end it’s all out vampire/human war and a lot of excitement.



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  1. nediunedited says:

    Yes, this is silly-fluffy entertainment, but it falls a bit short for me. Although the vampires look cool, the rest of the CG effects were a little cheesy and took me out of it. Yet, I will say that the story was clever (mixing historical with fantasy) and the cast was pretty solid. 🙂

    • Yeah, the only thing I found lacking was action. The trailers advertise the film as action heavy but it’s quite the opposite. I really enjoyed it though, and its cheesiness. 🙂

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