Some of the worst movie boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, and wives.

And you think you’ve had it bad……..

 Edward Cullen (Twilight)

He may seem like most girls ideal man but according to the domestic violence guide’s list of characteristics he seems to check all the wrong boxes. He’s controlling, aggressive in bed, and the following most definitely applies to him;

  •  behave in an over-protective manner or become extremely jealous?
  • threaten to hurt you, your children, pets, family members, friends or himself?
  • prevent you from seeing family or friends?
  • get suddenly angry or “lose his temper”?
  • destroy personal property or throw things around?
  • use intimidation or manipulation to control you or your children? hit, punch, slap, kick, shove, choke or bite you?
  • prevent you from going where you want to, when you want to, and with whomever you want to?

Still think he’s desirable?

 Bradly Cooper as Ben (He’s Just Not That Into You), Zachery (Wedding Crashers)

Once a cheat always a cheat. He’s a total douch.

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman (Batman), Patrick Bateman (American Psycho)

Bruce Wayne/Batman

He has waaaay way too much baggage. He will never have time for you and its way to much hassle in the bedroom trying to remove the Batsuit. I mean I can’t see a zip, poppers, Velcro anywhere on that thing.

Patrick Bateman

Spends way to much time in front of the mirror, uses more cosmetic products that most woman and enjoys the occasional bit of murder and fornication with prostitutes. He’s a bit of a bad egg.

 Jerry Lundegaard (Fargo)

There’s always a possibility he may have you kidnapped for ransom money.

 Jack Torrance (The Shining)

You’re safe unless you vacation at a big old empty hotel. But do you really want to risk it?

 Tom Stall (A History of Violence)

While it would be great marrying Viggo Mortensen, Tom Stall is likely to get you killed with a chequered past filled with violence. He has a lot of enemies that will hurt anyone to get to him. Probably best just to have a one night stand instead.

Ben (Shutter)

Being married to this guy comes with a lot of baggage. For one you’ll be haunted by a teenage Japanese girl ghost whose pissed at your husband for killing her. Do you really need the stress? Have a great honeymoon.

 G-Girl (My Super Ex-Girlfriend)

She makes a great girlfriend, but if things don’t work out she’s going to destroy you, literally!

 Rogue (X-Men)

It’s not her fault, just if you plan on being intimate you’ll end up old and wrinkly before you even get to third base. She will suck the life out of you. It’s a bit of a problem but she really doesn’t mean it.

 Catherine Tramell (Basic Instinct)

Don’t leave anything sharp lying round she might use it to stab you.

 Bella Swan (Twilight)


 Julian Moore as Emily (Crazy, Stupid, Love) Jules (The Kids are Alright)


 Lou Ford (The Killer Inside Me)

Murderer. Not of one girlfriend but two!!!!

David Goldman (An Education)

Not satisfied with a wife he needs a girlfriend too.

Clementine (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)


 Billy and Stu (Scream)

Best friends who like to hang out, play sports, do typical high school stuff and go on killing spree’s. I can’t forgive anyone who kills Henry Winkler.

 Jennifer (Jennifer’s Body)

She is the hottest girl at school, most popular, and most likely to eat you.


Personally I think it’s a lot safer being alone.


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