They might be incredibly cheesy but we love them anyway.  They make you want to throw up a little in your mouth, they make you want to cry. They make you lust after things that don’t exist, and over things people don’t actually do. And they cause arguments in otherwise healthy relationships. Everybody loves a bit of cheesy romance right!

 Jerry Maguire


It gets me every time.

Cruel Intentions

This is a personal favourite of mine. I love Cruel Intentions; I must have watched it a hundred times during my teens or as I like to call it my-Ryan-Phillipe-Phase. But this is my favourite scene and definitely the most cheesy.

He’s Just Not That Into You

The whole film is practically one big man hating session, but somehow at the end everything works out. And I cant help but get sucked it.

An Officer and a Gentleman

What woman hasn’t fantasised about being swept off her feet! It would certainly make a day at the office more interesting.

The Notebook

Say I’m a bird god damn it!

The wedding singer

I want to be serenaded on a plane, Now!


The whole Twilight Saga is one big cheese fest, but this scene in particular makes me want to vomit, and go “awww that’s soooo sweet”, and sulk because I want to stand on some guys feet and dance with him.


 Every girl wants that upside down kiss right? Pouring rain? Check, Hot Super Hero who’s just kicked some guy’s ass to protect you? Check. There’s not a lot else you need. BRING ON THE CHEESE.


I’ve never wanted to make a clay pot so much in my life.

Dirty Dancing

 You’re damn straight nobody puts Baby in the corner.


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