Finally seen it! After raving on about how much I wanted to, and swearing I’d watch it on its day of release I finally get to see it two weeks later. And it was worth the wait.

 Ted is everything I expected it to be, full of Family Guy humour; rude, offensive and funny. If you like Family Guy and/or American Dad then you’ll love this and even if you’re not a fan there’s a strong chance you’ll still enjoy it. I took a friend, who isn’t a great lover of the show, to see it and she loved it. So there is hope for everyone. Plus Flash Gordon’s in it (surely that should please everyone). Not to mention half the Family Guy cast, with Meg, I mean Mila Kunis playing Mark Wahlberg’s girlfriend. Finally Seth McFarlane gives her a role that doesn’t involve being the butt of the jokes. It’s not the strongest of stories but then who really cares about the story, right! No one is going to see Ted for its thought-provoking subject or heart warming tale. It’s all about the inappropriate jokes, made more entertaining (and soooooo cute) coming out of a fuzzy foul-mouthed talking bear. I totally went home and checked all my teddy bears for heartbeats……damn it! Guess I’ve been talking to myself all these years.

There are also a few surprise faces in there, Ryan Reynolds, Flash (obviously), and my favourite Giovanni Ribisi who plays creepy stalker guy Donny with an obsession for our talking Ted. He plays ‘crazy’ so well. And I’m sure no one else will agree with me but he does a bit of provocative dancing which I find preeeeetty sexy.

It’s a great comedy, with a little romantic sap and some gripping action. There’s a little for everyone…….providing you’re over fifteen!!! And afterwards you wont feel so silly about still having your childhood teddy bear on your bed, or the countless others you’ve accumulated along the way.

Thunder Buddies for life!


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