Silver-linings Playbook is an OK film. The storyline is weak and un-original (two people thrown together unexpectedly, they spend a short time together and BOOM they fall in love) but the characters are fascinating enough to make it an enjoyable film. This is by far Bradley Coopers best performance, and probably his most challenging as a man suffering with bi-polar whose latest episode after catching his wife with another man puts him in the loony bin. Fresh from the hospital he tries to win back his wife by showing he’s a changed person entering a dance competition with the equally dysfunctional Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence). Cooper and Lawrence have great on-screen chemistry, not an obvious on-screen couple but it definitely works and I look forward to seeing them as Serena and George Pemberton in next years Serena.  

Silver Linings Playbook has a great cast that includes Robert De Niro as the obsessive compulsive father, Jackie Weaver as the doting mother, Shea Whigham (who in my opinion is highly underrated) as the older and now favoured brother, plus appearances from Julia Styles, Dash Mihok, and Chris Tucker. It’s a well-rounded cast. If none of that entices you, it’s worth watching for some comic dancing from Cooper and at one point Chris Tucker who tries to school them in how to really move. It’s got plenty of laugh-out-loud moments but is heart-felt and sometimes sad too. It’s an emotive storyline but not too heavy. And while it’s not the best film I’ve seen it’s worth a watch and is good entertainment.

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