Celeste-And-Jesse-ForeverI love Celeste and Jesse Forever. There are a few reasons why I love it but the main one is I had no expectations. In fact I knew practically nothing about the film. The advertisement was poor and my decision to see it was based solely on the one trailer I saw a few weeks ago. I’d heard nothing about it before that or since, and I liked the idea of seeing a film without having the thing mapped out for me already. My second reason is the story. I could tell from the trailer it would be a love story. I know most films are in some way but this looked like a love story that didn’t have the typical Hollywood happily ever after ending and I like that. When it comes to films I’m an emotional cutter. I love watching the ones I can have a good cry to, the ones with a big emotional kick. And Celeste and Jesse Forever had me teetering on the edge of an emotional waterfall. I wanted to reach for the tissues but I kept it together because even though I watched it with my friend in an empty theatre (The trailer I saw must have been the only one because apparently no one is going to see it) I always fear the mascara-run-panda-face-look and a friend who’s too amused to tell me. My third reason is Andy Samberg (Jesse). I love Andy Samberg (whose name I always get mixed up with Jesse Eisenberg’s). He’s an SNL regular, appeared in a few comedies (What’s Your Number, I Love You, Man, Friends with Benefits) and had one lead role in 2007 comedy Hot Rod. But now he’s finally doing something a little more serious. It’s great to see him branch out a little and I hope he does more films like this.


While it’s all about Andy Samberg for me, there are other people in the film including Rashida Jones (Celeste) who together make a convincing and quite adorable couple with Samberg supported by Elijah Wood, Chris Messina, Emma Roberts, Eric Christian Olsen, and Ari Greynor who give an intimate cast and circle of friends and co-workers.

Celeste and Jesse Forever is great for anyone who loves romcoms, love stories, unconventional happy endings,  and Andy Samberg. It’s more of a chick flick that a guys film, but it looks like neither guys nor girls are watching. Don’t miss your chance. Like love it won’t wait forever …….yes I just said that.

I haven’t rated a film for a while since I was told I give practically every film a high score. But since I started reading Film Ink again (Australian film magazine) and like their rating system I’m going to apply it to my reviews. Each film will be rated by how much I would pay for a ticket against how much it actually costs to see the film.

The average price to see a 2D film at peak time is £9.40 and while I really enjoyed Celeste and Jesse Forever there are few films worth that much but I would happily pay £6 to see it.


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