MPW-75364Pitch Perfect is a fun film. A combination of Bridesmaids humour, Glee’s chart topping musical numbers and the cheesiness of coming of age flicks like Mean Girls, American Pie, and 10 Thing I Hate About You. It’s really enjoyable, perfect for fans of Kristen Wigg-esque humour, Anna Kendrick, and the hilarious Rebel Wilson (Known for her role as Kristen Wiggs roommate in Bridesmaids). Unlike Bridesmaids this isn’t just for teen/twenty-something’s it’s aimed toward a younger audience too with its high school centred storyline and cheesy romantic sub plot (it’s very cheesy). But there’s still plenty of adult humour and throwbacks to The Breakfast Club to keep babies of the 80’s happy.

It’s been a highlight for me this year as far as comedy films go and yet another reason for me to love Anna Kendrick who has already sealed her place on my list of favourite actresses. She’s proven quite effortlessly her versatility; that she is not simply a one-trick pony having appeared in action, comedy, and drama films playing a variety of roles. She’s one of the more deserving to emerge from the Twilight Saga who deserves more starring roles. “Yes Anna…I’ll be your PR”.

Rebel Wilson is another one to watch having first caught our attention in Bridesmaids, quickly making a name for herself as a comedic actress appearing in What To Expect When You’re Are Expecting, Pitch Perfect and the soon to be released Bachelorette. I can’t wait to see her future projects and hope she will at some point ventures into something a little more serious and is given some meatier roles. But while she may not be the lead in Pitch Perfect her role as Fat Amy is by far the most entertaining. The rest of the cast, which includes Brittany Snow, Elizabeth Banks, and a handful of girls whose names I’ve never heard of and faces I’ve never seen before fill out the group. Any high school stereotype you can think of is in the singing group. pitch-perfect-0aPopular girl Aubrey (Anna Camp), brown noser Chloe (Brittany Snow), quiet Asian girl Lilly (Hana Mae Lee), confident big girl Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson), slutty girl Stacie (Alexis Knapp), lesbian Cynthia (Ester Dean) and the physical embodiment of teen-angst Beca (Anna Kendrick). And the stereotypes don’t stop there. There is also the romantic interest whose good-looking, intelligent, and instantly likeable and is room-mates with the biggest nerd on campus who obviously becomes his best friend.

It’s an unoriginal script with done-to-death characters and storyline but it’s done so well that no one will really care. It’s just good old light-hearted fun and entertainment.

I would happily pay £7 of the £9.40 admission to see it.

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