hurlscoutsI’ve been ummmming and aaahhhing over whether or not to watch Whip-It since it came out in 2009. I’m not a great Ellen Page fan, she’s so samey even though I love the films she’s in. But since I got Netflix a few weeks ago I’ve spent 90% of my free time in front of the computer screen catching up on Breaking Bad, taking my first highly advised against steps into the world of Jersey Shore, re-watching Arrested Development, and powering through the film and documentary sections. So what made me turn off the Taylor Lautner action flick Abduction and watch Whip-It instead? Firstly Abduction sucked, let that be made very clear, secondly I discovered Whip-It has an awesome female-driver cast including one of my favourite women in comedy Kristen Wigg, not to mention Drew Barrymore and the makes-trashy-cool Juliet Lewis who rocks a pair of roller skates like she does her microphone. I’m still not a big Ellen Page fan though. Sorry Ellen.

whip_it3Whip-it is a girl-power flick but not an out-and-out chick flick. I’m sure guys aren’t all together disinterested by women in skimpy outfits fighting each other as they race round at a Roller Derby. Right?  It’s also not a straight up comedy, though it is really funny. It centres around a not-so-popular teenage girl trying to please her parents, in particular her 1950’s-esque mother, but who secretly wants more out of life and joins an all girl roller derby team and in the process falls in love……with a douchbag. Queue the teenage angst, rebellion, heartache, and heart-warming moments between friends. And yes it is very predictable and has every teenage stereotype in there, but it’s got a heart of gold and is so good you wont care. Also, though more of a personal bonus, older brother to Owen and Luke Wilson, Andrew (the hottest brother if you ask me) plays ‘Razor‘ the lovable super sexy team coach.

Whip-It makes roller-skates cool and will no doubt make any woman want to go out and buy a pair of her own and join a roller derby team, not to mention getting a cool name like Rosa Sparks, Smashley Simpson, Iron Maven, and Jaba the Slut to go with it.

For lots of laughs, some ahhhhs, and one sexy Wilson brother watch Whip-It.


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