Kick-Ass Big DaddyI haven’t posted anything new on here for a while which is a case of pure laziness on my part. I definitely can’t blame a lack of time to write or not having seen anything worthy of a little chatter because I’ve seen some really great films of late and some truly terrible ones. But it’s taken The Croodes and a lot of love for Nicolas Cage to get me back here.  That’s the Power of Nicolas Cage.

la-et-nicolas-cage-hair.jpgNicolas Cage has unquestionably made some terrible career choices, alternating between being awful himself in films and appearing in films that are awful. Between 2007 and 2012 this was pretty much all he did with the exception of Kick-Ass and………well, maybe just Kick Ass. But this is a man with two Oscar nominations under his belt and one well deserved win for Leaving Las Vegas.

There was a time when he made great films and was great in them.  For those of you who doubt me, and I realise we’re talking big numbers here, watch Raising Arizona, Guarding Tess, Peggy Sue Got Married, Adaptation, Leaving Las Vegas, or pretty much anything before 2007 and see how you feel then. Downright silly I’ll bet. Oh and since we’re on the subject, watch The Croodes too. 

The Croods_1

From directors Chris Sanders who brought you the incredible How to Train your Dragon and Kirk De Micco who made the slightly less impressive but still enjoyable Space Chimps and Racing Stripes comes The Croodes, a feel good, fun, and action packed adventure set during a time of cave men and pre-historic animals. It’s highly entertaining and has a heart of gold, telling the story of the last surviving cave-man family (The Croodes) who fear everything to survive. Only now their eldest daughter Eep (Emma Stone) has itchy feet and longs to stay out of the cave and live in the light, living a life of infinite adventures.  Her father Grug (Nicolas Cage) is dead against it, wanting to protect her, his wife Ugga (Catherine Keener), son Thunk (Clark Duke), and youngest daughter Sandy , causing his daughter Eep to pull away from them and doubt him. It’s a father-daughter story that tugs on the old heart-strings good and proper. If you don’t cry, and laugh, then you can go ahead and call yourself a cave man.


The Croodes is a highlight of 2013 and of last year too and is definitely up there among my all-time favourite animations, along with recently watch Wreck it Ralph (voiced by another of my favourite actors John C Reilly).

It’s a wonderful family film with adults able to enjoy it as much as the kids. It’s a MUST SEE.


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