It’s pretty damn good, everything an Iron Man film should be. Action packed, sharp, visually rich, and funny.

I really enjoyed it, and though I haven’t seen the first two for some time now and probably need a little refresher I have to say Iron Man 3 is the most entertaining. However something is missing that I can’t quite put my finger on.

Downey Jr is as you’d expect, easy to watch, charming and charismatic. He gives a scene stealing performance and above all delivers the Tony Stark we’ve come to know and love. But this time he’s a little more serious, which I really like. Unlike Iron Man 1 & 2, in the latest installment Iron Man or rather Tony Stark faces more of a personal struggle, giving the overall tone of the film a darker feel. But worry not for he is still as sarcastic and charmingly arrogant as normal. Only now there’s more to him. This is less about the iron suit and more about him and his heart of gold……and red beneath it. It’s because of Downey Jr I say Iron Man is my favourite Marvel Hero on-screen.

movietalk-ironmantrailer-pepper630-jpg_002423I’m also a big fan of Pepper Potts. I’m not a great Gwyneth Paltrow lover but I think she’s a perfect Potts. And her relationship with Stark is one of the reasons I love him so much. It gives him a heart. She’s definitely one of the best female characters throughout the Marvel franchise.

As far as performances go, across the board the film is flawless. But the best is definitely Ben Kingsley. For me it’s Kingsley that makes the film. Not so much his character but Ben Kingsley’s delivery of ‘The Manderin’. I can’t say why though or I’ll give too much away. I certainly wasn’t expecting it.

ben-kingsley-mandarin-iron-man-3Guy Pearce makes a great villain, you only need to watch ‘Lawless’ for proof, but his character Aldrich Killian is disappointing. There’s something lacking about him and I found him to be quite weak and two-dimensional; a fault in the writing more than anything though. I think this, the writing, is where the ‘something missing’ I mentioned comes in. It lacks real depth, things are overlooked and motivations, even some actions, are questionable.  The opening sets up the wrong character in my opinion.  Rebecca Hall (who I love, I think she’s a great British actress) is introduced in the opening scenes, setting up a relationship between her and Tony Stark but her character (Maya Hansen) is pretty much redundant after that. She becomes unnecessary when she could have been used far more. It’s probably the most underdeveloped aspect of the film.  However it’s still a great film. After all these pictures are pure entertainment; there to excite and dazzle visually. There are enough great things about Iron Man that far outweigh the negative, and more than anything it’s enjoyable.

The Iron Man films remain my favourite Marvel series, and Downey Jr is still my favourite Marvel Hero.  Marvel films are fun popcorn movies I like to get excited about, will queue at mid night showings to see, can watch repeatedly, quote among friends and to strangers (because that’s acceptable for such a universally loved franchise and is a great ice breaker………I think), will dress as for Halloween and any fancy dress opportunity, and will use as the theme for many a movie night. It’s a great feel good film.

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