Vin Diesel, Oh how I love thee.


There is no shame or embarrassment here when I say I love The Fast and the Furious franchise. I do, I love them all……with the exception of 2 Fast 2 Furious (the second instalment in the franchise). That, I will admit, is just plain awful.


The Fast and Furious films are where my appreciation, or as some would say ‘obsession’ or ‘very very loyal devotion’ with Vin Diesel began, and perhaps that’s why I’m not a fan of 2 Fast 2 Furious. Spoiler Alert: He’s not in it. Otherwise I’ve watched the rest back to back an unhealthy amount of times. These are great escapism films, for a few hours to just switch off and be entertained with all-out action, and what I consider to be some pretty decent storylines.  OK, there may not be any script-writing awards on the horizon, though there are some incredible one-liners (“Ride or die” and “I live my life a quarter-mile at a time”), and without the cars….well, there are plenty of those films around; most are neither as exciting or impressive. It’s all about the custom cars and American muscle, and let’s be honest it’s about Vin Diesel, which is what sets it apart from your generic action flicks; it’s got a little extra.

tumblr_mdhym4gPHH1r1yqico1_500Since the first instalment The Fast and the Furious I’ve gotten attached to these characters, their beautiful custom cars, the street racing, and their illegal shenanigans. Fast and Furious 6 is a reaffirmation of all that I love about the franchise and why I love them so very much. But more than that…Letty’s back. I’ve been routing for Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and Dom (Vin Diesel) ever since Dom scooped her up and sat her on the bonnet of his car in the first film. Geez, that was sexy. It’s no wonder women get false notions of romance from films.

I don’t want to give too much away about Fast 6 so I can’t say a lot, or anything really about what happens in it. But I can say that the whole gang are back with the inclusion or Dwayne Johnson, who joined the franchise in Fast 5 as the bad-ass man of the law Agent Hobbs.  Now he’s back, recruiting Dom and his team to help take down a highly wanted criminal who has taken Letty as one of his own.  *Gasps in shock*

Film Title: Fast FiveFast 6 is bigger, filled with more action and vehicular warfare than the previous films (I say vehicular because it’s not just cars anymore, there are tanks and cargo planes to boot). And more than any other it reminds me of the first film, my favourite The Fast and the Furious.  It doesn’t lose sight of the original storyline in favour of high-octane action. Quite the opposite in fact, it revisits some of the best parts of previous films and returns to a few familiar places we’re all happy to see. But it also travels farther afield, this time leaving the USA for sunny England where yet another film villain finds his roots. Is it the accent or something? Do we naturally look or sound villainous? While the action takes place in London, it’s nice to know some of it was shot in Liverpool too (my home). There’s something quite exciting about seeing Vin Diesel whiz past my local cafe. I feel I missed an opportunity to introduce myself there. Alas, the film ends (without a certain romantic reunited-again kiss I was hoping for :() but if you stay seated just a little after the credits begin you’ll find the franchise isn’t over just yet. And boy is it a nice little surprise. Maybe I’ll get to meet Vin Diesel yet.

Roll on Fast 7.

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